Tuesday, August 7, 2012

day 1 x3

Yesterday Robbie and Star continued the training saga.
Robbie is making slow but sure progress. I went through all the normal things. Most of the time was working on getting him used to things around his hind feet, everything from spraying to the whip and the rope. I got him leading with rope around the pastern on both hind feet. He kicked out more on his right hind than his left. I had him lunging with the rope around his hocks and feet. I will review that today and hopefully get back to driving him today.
Star decided he would like to spend time away from me so I had to move him around at liberty. He circled just fine, but again would not follow. So at a time I thought appropriate I put the halter on him and went around the arena practicing the follow me on the rail. Then I saddled him and went through our slate of exercises. I got on and off him acting like a crazy man. I need to get him over his fear and get him to trust me. Then I don't thin riding him will be all that much of a trouble. But it is getting to that point that is at issue here. Before I knew it our time was done and we ended with some flexion.
We will see what happens today.

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