Thursday, August 23, 2012


I guess I better catch up on what has been happening the last two days.
Both yesterday and today we did basically the same things, though today was much better for both.
They both stood really good for saddling and then I moved them around a few minutes. THen put the bridle on and flexed them and YH with softness. Then I ground drove them both. I wanted to make sure they were responding and making the transitions from walke trot canter and back to stop. Today the both made marked improvements in this. Then with Robbie, I got on and flexed him and then Karen led off several steps to YH and then walk off again. I wanted to transition from her asking for it to me asking and that went well. We did both directions and today we actually got alot more movement out of him. I was making most of the cues myself. I had her kinda step aside as though lungeing and I moved him around and asked for YH and go in the other directions. We did this a few times then we stopped. Star was not as jumpy today as he was yesterday. He even walked up to me while I had the halter in hand from the center of the arena. He stood better today for saddling than yesterday. I drove him some and flexed him. He did pretty good. Then I got and flexed him and Karen led us around. Basically a repeat of what we did with Robbie. Only I was moving in the saddle alot more. He got scared a couple times but a YH helped to calm him down. I was bouncing around in the saddle and that is what spooked him. I can do it no problem at a stand still, but while moving he doesn't like that. So I tried it a couple more times with the same result. So rather than get him all hyped up about it I stopped that and just kept moving him and practicing the YH. We need to work on YF too, but not at that point yet. Things seem to be progressing pretty good so far. Tomorrow is day 55 so we will see what happens.

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