Wednesday, August 15, 2012

two days

Ok I have to catch up on yesterday and today's blog.
Yesterday, I was able to work Robbie with driving. He is making huge improvements in his comfort level with the reins around his hocks and fetlocks. I just wanted him to be comfortable with this so I moved him around some in each direction. Today was even better. He is standing better to be saddled. I like to move him around before and after to see where his mind is and if there is alot of licking and chewing and using his thinking side I am good to move on to other things. I sidepassed him down the wall a few times and then put the lines on him. When he felt the rein on his rump he took off a step or two but immediately responded to my hands on the reins. I walked him in a circle several times and then turned him and did the same. Then let him rest. Started again and moved up to a trot then back to walk and back to trot . . . . He did this really well both ways. He was responding to my feel to make a transition and even to stop. I noticed that he is naturally collecting vertically which is nice and it is pretty to look at.
Darkstar I could sense was really jumpy yesterday. I knew I had to work through his ADD before we really could get anywhere. So I got in the 'give him a heart attack' mode and then would let him rest next to me. It is almost as if he is searching me out when he is scared. It seems like he thinks everyone and everything is out to kill him. I just remained calm and basically dared him to be scared then would be calm. By the end of the session he was much calmer. It is a day I wouldn't  have ridden him if we were at that stage. Today, he was not as jumpy. I immediately saddled and bridled him, but I tricked him because I didn't really work him much. I just led him around. We went to the outdoor arena. He got a little excited but I just moved his feet and let him rest. We played YO YO some. I had him jump the barrels once and just really ambled around the arena. Then we left the arena and I sent him through the gate back and forth til he would do it nice and relaxed at the walk. Then we walked around the yard, over this big pond where a flock of geese were lounging. Because of the drought it has a nice 3-4 foot beach around it with a ledge and so I asked him to come to the water with me. After a little patient coaxing he finally walked around the little beach with me. When the flock of geese took off he didn't try to run off. We had a nice walk. I forgot to mention that in the arena I got on and off a few times, even had him step his butt over  in each direction and again dared him to spook by acting the crazy man. When we got back inside I did the same thing and let him have lots of rests after somewhat intense pressure. All in all I think the change up of things worked in our favor today.

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