Thursday, August 9, 2012

slow and easy

That is kinda the motto for the day.
I got Star out first and he came but reluctantly. So I know that I really gotta take it slow and easy with him. It is easy to lose his trust if I push to much too fast and keep it going too long. However, push his envelope I must. Nevertheless, I am taking it slower with him. I had him just follow me like before then when I saddled him I could tell he didn't like it at all, but he did stick with me. Then I went through his exercises with lots of long stops. I got in the stirrup both sides and despooked him. He stood ok. I also moved his feet with no problem. I flexed him with the rein and even had him moving while using the rein to direct his feet but I was walking beside him using the stirrup as if my foot was in it. He still needs lots of work on softness with the rein. But I didn't want to push him too much that he just associates me with work. So there were lots of rest stops and reinforcing things.
Robbie got his exercise today. I saddled him and went thorugh our course of exercises. All the while I was using the whip to lay it across his heels and rump. Then I put one rein on him and repeated it on both sides. Then I added the other rein. He got himself into some tangles and I just let him figure it out and when he got free I picked up the outside rein and kept him moving until he relaxed, then switched sides with him. It looked like a wreck waiting to happen at times. I stayed out of the tangles and eventually he calmed. I worked him both sides and let him rest. At the end the rein was laying against hind foot and I had hold of the end and when he kicked back real hard I knew it jerked his mouth because my grip didn't give and guess what. He was ok with that rein across his pastern from then on. The mouth thing probably didn't feel real good to him and he will not soon remember that. I am anxious to see if he kicks out tomorrow or not. This was a good day for him. He ground drove just fine when he could forget about that rein being across his hocks or pasterns.
Progress is being made with these horses even though it is slow and easy.
On another note, I had the opportunity to ride Joey again today. Katherine had been having trouble getting him to canter so I went over and had a try at it. After some ground work and getting him saddled I walked him around YH and YF and backup. Then when I took him out in the field I asked him to canter and he went into it right off. So I asked for the right lead and he offered buck, but I wouldn't let him. From then on I asked for the left lead a couple more times and also for the right lead. He went into them, but on the right lead he gets discombobulated and throws me off balance so we slow to a trot. He needs work on the right lead for sure. But it was a great ride. I should have had her ride him and show me what he does so I could see it and then help her correct it. Katherine if you are reading this, I don't know why I didn't think of that. I guess I'm a focused, get the job done kind of guy and only in hindsight do I think of these things. So if it doesn't work for you like it did for me that is our next step.  She then showed me some liberty work she is doing with Joey and Callie and she is doing an outstanding job. Kudos to you Katherine. Thanks to Judy for hosting it all.

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