Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 46

today went well.
I started with Star. When I got the halter out he walked away from me, but when I walked towards him he turned and faced me and walked towards me. I worked him just a little bit with lots of rub time.  Then I put the saddle on him, which he did not want, but he tolerated it. So I take this all into consideration and make sure it is a good experience and that he is getting lots of rests. I will push him and then rest him, push him and rest him. With the saddle on I wanted to drive him a bit, but I want to make sure he is laterally soft with it. Then I just drove him with one rein. I did both sides walk trot walk stop a few times. I also got on his back and had him YH once each side.
Robbie had no problem with anything. I could sense a little tightness when I saddled him but other than that he did good. I drove him with one rein on both sides -walk, trot walk stop. Then I put both reins on him and he didn't hardly act up. He cantered around for a minute or so but soon slowed to a trot then a walk. When I had him going through those transitions pretty good I drove him straight and turned him in the other direction and did the same thing. One thing for sure, he searchs for getting off the bit which is good. He did real good with driving today. Alot better than last time. He also got real calm for me and did alot of walking. The reins on his legs didn't seem to bother him. In fact, when I finished the rein was draped around his fetlock and all he did was step his foot forward, but didn't move his body and waited for me to take it off.
So both horses made some improvements today. Robbie made huge advances in driving.

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