Saturday, September 4, 2010

camina 19

I have decided that Camina is a left brain introvert, according to Parelli's horsinality scale. She is calm, yet a bit stubborn, and pushy, lazy (almost disinterested) and easily bored. I have mentioned that when I flex her too much it is like she says, "enough already." So now I only stay with something 2-3 times when she gets it right and then move to something else. We also found out she is 15.1 hands, approx. 960 lbs., that is, according to the tape.
Anyway, our session went really well. I won't bore you with the saddling, but from here on out, unless I say something, she stands for it. jShe is also taking and carrying the bit nicely. I worked her on the lead line a few minutes, driving her and asking and getting a few steps in a leg yield on both sides. I side-passed her without the wall on both sides. She is real soft in all of this. Then I worked her at liberty with the bit in her mouth and apart from leaving 3 -4 times for a short period she stayed right with me at a walk and a trot. Then it was time to ride her. I am still working on getting her to follow her nose, we have some issues there, but I took advantage of them and had her doing 1/2 passes or leg yields. I even had her moving her shoulders on the circle, like a tear drop exercise I do. We trotted a little bit, but she seems to be still trying to learn to carry me. I had her backing with collection when I would do a one rein stop or even stopping with my seat. So she is doing very well for this stage of her training.

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