Thursday, September 23, 2010

Camina 28

Today went well. I don't get the chance to work with her everyday, but when I get a day like today with her and things just pick up where we left off on Saturday, that is good. It is just more of the same, remember I said that it takes 3-400 repetitions for a horse to get a cue, well I am probably on about 150 or 200 with her giving to the bit, and today she was much better. I do notice with her that things will probably come to a head, a turning point in a day or two, because she is starting to show signs that I am getting to the edge of herself. I have had to do that a few times over the course of her training and I feel we are at that point now. Today when I was asking her to keep trotting even though she didn't want to go on she showed her heart to me. That is, she is willing to go so far and then wants to quit on me. When I ask her to continue she pitches a mini fit.  I suspect we will be at one tomorrow with this giving to the bit thing. It is almost like she is ok with things as long as she wants to do it, but when she has other plans then she throws in the towel and resists me. I see this in forward motion, giving to my legs as well as in the reins when I ask her to go in one direction. Resistance shows up all over the place, but she is not a real snot about it. What I am waiting for is that time when she will be a real snot at which point I have to win or we both lose. Well tomorrow is another day.

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