Monday, September 27, 2010

Camina 31

Well, this was not a good session. If it could have been harder I don't know how. She had an attitude that would not yield the entire time I was on her. I did my usual ground work, but not the liberty work. All seemed to go ok on the ground. However, I knew that did not transfer to the saddle. My first clue was that she would not stand still after I got on her. I kept having to disengage her. I did this so much I just started to move her shoulders too. Disengage, move shoulder for several turns in both directions. Then I let her straighten out. She would not soften for me so I moved
her into trot. 45 minutes or so later she still was not getting soft. It was a constant resistance. I knew this was hiding in her somewhere because of her sticky footed personality. I guess I just didn't push her enough to make it come out sooner. Anyway, I kept at her until I felt her let down a little bit and let her walk and then she gave me softness on the bit. So I walked to cool her down for a few minutes while working on softness. I quit her when she gave me softness on a backup with no resistance.

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