Friday, September 17, 2010

Camina 26

I had a good ride with Camina today. I did some ground work with her. This is getting shorter and shorter so that I can have more time in the saddle. She side passed down the wall, both directions the length of the wall. That was real good. I had her trotting around me at liberty pretty good. So I decided she was warmed up enough and got on her. Today she really started to come into my hand. She is getting real soft and responding to the bit nicely. I trotted her and then she really started to get soft. We just basically worked on this for the duration of the ride. I bumped her up to a lope and got a few strides out of her before she slowed down. I tried two more times to get a canter but both times she stumbled in her back feet. It was like her hind end was disconnected from her front end. I think she wasn't balanced and that I didn't ask on the correct foot. Anyway, we will try tomorrow again if the situation and her attitude permits it.. I was real happy with her softness and willingness today to go forward.

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