Saturday, September 25, 2010

Camina 30

well today I saw a side of Camina I knew was there and told you would come out at some point. What caused her to come out? The end door on the arena was open with just a gate across it. That's what. I did some ground work with her especially down on that end because I knew that dynamic would or could change everything. So I did as I usually did just working on several things to warm her up. I took her to that end and lunged her and she could not keep her eyes off that open doorway with that world out there. All was going well so I took off her halter to work her at liberty. Well when I did that it all broke loose. She raced around there totally ignoring me. I kept her running and changing directions. I thought I was really in trouble when she ran at the gate and ran into it. I thought she was going to jump it. So from then on I had to let off the pressure a little until she got by it. Well she ran around and around. She bucked a few times but I finally got her to settle down and hook on to me and then I got on her.
We rode around for a while but she was really resistant. We went through the exercises to get softness and things just didn't seem to click, but I kept working at it. Toward the end I finally got some softness from her on two occassions and then picked that as a time to quit.

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