Monday, September 20, 2010

Camina 27

I am writing this after a trip to chicago for a funeral and now I am just relaxing. I decided I need to relay what I did with Camina on Saturday, though. We did the normal routine in the beginning and then I have been working her on getting her to 1/2 pass down the wall so we went all the way both directions. I also had her doing some figure 8's at liberty and trotting a circle around me. She is getting better and better at these exercises which is simply showing that she is responding more tightly to my leadeship. I got on her and worked on the circle esses again. She is getting softer and coming into my hands better. Then I trotted her for about 20 minutes working on the same things. Just when I was getting ready to quit some visitors came in and it all fell apart. She was distracted and wouldn't respond very well to my cues so we had to work harder for about 10 or 15 minutes longer. I had to at least get her paying attention to me before I quit. In hindsight, because she is so inquisitive, I should have let her go up and see the visitors for a second and then had her go back to work. That might not have worked either, but next time it will be worth a shot. I won't get another time with her until Thursday, but I sure do like working with her.

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