Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Taking care of my own

Monday was the last day til next week for me to work with Camina. But Monday and today I had the opportunity to work with my own. It so nice to get on a push button horse after being on one you have to keep driving. I have got Jake to where I can climb the fence and get on him and ride him to the fence and get off. I am also working on teaching him to kneel. Then Madi will be able to get on anywhere we are at without me having to give her a lift. He is getting so soft too. I am able to move him with just my legs and seat pretty much. I have some tasks to work on before he could be ridden bridleless, but he is getting there. Probably the biggest thing for him is balance through collection. So we are working on it.
Raven on the other hand is such a dream to ride. I could have ridden bridleless today, but there are some things that still need to be refined. She sometimes misinterprets my cues with my leg and seat so it is nice to have the bridle to help her get the right idea. If I didn't I would just have to ride through it and start again. For example, I was asking for her shoulders to move over and she immediately disengaged her hip so I picked up the rein and helped her correct that that so she would move her shoulder. I probably had my leg a tad too far back behind the girth instead of just ahead of it. I was asking her to go into a right lead canter from a walk and she interpreted that as disengaging so I just followed through on the disengaging and asked again and she did it. We did some counter cantering too. We also worked more on collection and moving her hip and shoulders while she is straight at a stand still. She is getting better at haunches in for me, but there again she sometimes interprets that as a side pass so I have to drive her forward without losing her hip over. We just did a lot of refining tonite and had fun.
Well, I gotta get off here for now. I probably won't be on here until next week now because of some travelling. See ya then.

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