Friday, September 24, 2010

Camina 29

Today was a mirror image of yesterday almost. I didn't ground work her as much. I did some side passing down the wall, some leg yields with her and had her lunge at a trot around me. That all took about 15 minutes. Then I got on and started working the circle esses and picking up contact on the bit. Then we trotted doing the same things. We picked up an extended trot for a while as I was trying to get her to canter. She got spooked at something and for the first time I experienced what she would do when she was spooking and she doesn't spook in place. Instead, she kinda jumped sideways and started to take off, but I disengaged her and let her keep right on going. We came back to that spot until she was no longer afraid of it. We had a good ride and she is responding more and more to my leg. She also is easier to keep going forward. I never did get her into a canter, but I am not in a big hurry about that anyway. Her trot is a nice to sit.  We just kept working on softness exercises at the trot. I can't believe I have been working her almost 30 days now. She is doing very well as far as I can tell. She will just keep improving.

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