Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Camina 20

This was from last night. I had a chance to get over there and work with her for an hour. She is doing very well. I worked her on the lead line for about 20 minutes going through all the exercises she knows. Then I took her over to the wall and had her doing side passes down the wall in both directions until she would do them for a few steps. Then I did the falling leaf with her. I put the bridle on her and worked her at liberty instead of on a lunge line. I thought that because she was sticking right with me on the lead that she would stick with me at liberty. Such was not the case. She had a few times where I had to get her out of a corner, but after a few trips back and forth down the length of the arena she came around and started to circle keeping her eye on me. We switched directions doing some figure 8's in both directions. She was in a sweat, as was I. I put the driving reins on her and drove her around the arena for a few minutes to get her more responsive to the reins. The last 20 minutes I rode her around just asking with my legs and rein to go in a circle. Anytime she wanted to blow me off and go her own direction I just blocked her with my leg and rein or did a disengagement until she got back on track. She moved out the best for me this time than any other time so that is a good thing. Tomorrow is another day to work with her, looking forward to it.

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