Friday, September 10, 2010

Camina 22

I know this is getting to be so old hat, but we didn't have alot of dust today. She did very well for me. We, of course, went through all the exercises on the ground I normally do. I had her side passing again, but much better, down the wall in both directions. I had her leg yielding and disengaging  360 degrees while driving her at the drive line (saddle). I lunged her at liberty again and she was staying with me much better than yesterday even and that was pretty good. The last part of our session was riding her. I did a lot of transitions, change of direction and gait. We worked alot on an exercise called the circle ess. The intention is to get her laterally soft moving forward and following her nose, but works into vertical softness/collection. We trotted quite a bit too. I did try to get her to canter but to no avail. Maybe tomorrow. She is young and still feels like she doesn't have her feet quite under her. This pops up particularly when I try to disengage her hindquarters or move her shoulders over. It is as if her feet are stuck in the ground somehow, but her body moves its weight and then she seems to almost fall over. Its kinda like when you lean to far to one side and you have to move your feet to keep from falling. This is just one more fun thing to work on with her. She's young, willing and able to do this. So we will continue to work on it. I did notice today that though the other horses were talking she didn't offer to but in. Hmm!

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