Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Camina 23,24

I know you have been wondering what happened. Nothing, really. Saturday we had an uneventful ride. Everything went as planned, just keeping up the work on the basics to get her to where she will flex and collect up at the the walk so we are working on exercises that will help with that. We trotted quite a bit and she never acted up at all.
Monday we did a similar routine. Just simply refining what she already knows and trying to get more from her. So I was really working on trying to get her soft and collected. She is not even close yet. We were able to work on some leg yields because she was trying to fall in at the shoulder anyway and that fits right into teaching leg yields. I also worked on getting her to move her hindquarters off my leg so we worked on that a bunch. The fact is any of of these movements take time and 100's of repetitions for the horse to learn it. Each day there is a little more progress. Sometimes we go backwards but then when we come back the cue and the move is even stronger. Hence, the word 'training.' Have a good un!

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