Friday, July 13, 2012

another ride

Robbie did real well yesterday. I didn't flank  him out. Instead, I went through the exercises to see where his head was at and then saddled him up. He stood pretty good for it. Then I did the sending, sidepassing on the wall, circling, used the tarp over him while he was walking and trotting. Then I put the long line on him and moved up to a canter. Then we went out to the outdoor arena and played around. I had him lunging and changing directions and played the yo yo/out and back game with him. I even got on him from both sides a couple times.
Darkstar also had a pretty good session. He didn't want to play at first he walked off so I moved him around and then he decided it was ok to get started. So we went through some exercises then I saddled him and worked on his coming to me with the yo yo game. I had him going over the tarp too. I got the noise bag out and sacked him out with that. Then put the sidepull on him flexed him a few times and mounted and started riding around doing YH YF. He was doing pretty good, but he got nervous. He is a skittish horse that is for sure. So I worked through some of those excitements. Then I got off and we really worked on anything that might scare him, until he came to a relaxed state. I finished up with getting on him and riding him around, got into a trot and bent him to a stop flexed him and quit.

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