Friday, July 13, 2012


Robbie did a good job today. We got him saddled and sacked out to the tarp a little more. Then I took him outside to the arena. We did the yo yo and had him lunge walk trot canter in both directions. Also I flexed him a bunch and then got on and off 3x on each side.
Darkstar- we got him saddled and then worked a little with the tarp and went out to the arena. I lunged him walk trot canter and then did some ground driving. He did good at first when we just went around the perimeter, but when I had him go across the arena and then diagonally he just got confused. I was trying to get him to follow his nose and get some direction control over him. We went back to what he was doing ok with. Then I stopped ground driving and then got on and off him. We had already had a good lesson so I didn't want to push it to much. all in all he did good.

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