Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 29

Boy these guys are a work in progress as I am.
Today I got out there early so as to beat the heat, somewhat. I got Star out and saddled and then started working with him following me. He did pretty good. Each day it seems to get better. I am using the lead and when I ask him to come to me I rub him alot between the eyes. I had him working around the tarp again today. I also ground drove him for several laps and did lots of turning and stopping. I was on and off him a couple times too. I also had the tarp all over him and even while he was moving. So he did real good today.
Robbie, I got started just letting him move his feet. I just directed them and took him to the tarp. I had him moving all around it. Then I took the tarp and sacked him out to it and had him moving with it on his back and moving all around him. I flanked him out again too. He did ok with it around his girth but when I got it back to his flank, he started to buck and kept up the pressure until he settled down. We took a breather and then did it again until he settled down. I kept repeating this until he would trot with it tight around him and he didn't buck. Then tried it again and kept him moving with it tight. When he showed no signs of bucking I let him stop and relax. Then I laid on him from both sides and we quit.
He is making progress. I like his curiosity, and go but I have to watch him to make sure he is not shut down inside and is just waiting to explode. 

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