Tuesday, July 3, 2012

day 5/27

I had some guests with me this time to critique what I was doing with Star and Robbie. That was nice.
I got Star out first and did some rd pen work in the arena and then saddled him and worke him on following me. Judy and Lynn gave me some ideas to do with with, using the lead and repetitiously asking him to come to me with slight pressure, etc. and rub him alot. That seemed to work some. I will work more on that today when I go over there. Also just spending alot more time with him next to me instead of making him move. I also did some ground driving with him. He did real good with that even though he got scared one time when the lead got tangled around his feet. He didn't freak out, but let me remove it from him. That showed a lot of trust on his part. I got on on and hof him a couple times too.
Robbie, had a good session. He wants to keep moving, while Star just wants to stand. Anyway, my panel of judges think I just need to take it real slow with him. I did several exercises with him even at liberty. He stays with me pretty good. I worked with putting the lead up over his head and getting him to turn and go. I also flanked him out again. I used the lead around his girth and had him move. At first he was real sensitive then relaxed. So I used the long lead and flanked him out at the girth area. Then When I moved it to his barrel he started to buck, but I held out til he calmed down. Then went to his flank and then he really bucked but I managed to hold the lead tight until he quit bucking and relaxed. Then after we both caught our breath we did it again and he bucked again but not as much. Then we did it again after a short break and he didn't buck. So we quit there. Judy and Lynn decided they could not sit through the bucking so they stood up, I guess so they could come and help if I got in trouble.:} NOT. They wanted to make sure they could get out of the way. LOL.  I then played with him a bit and did the Jeffries method on him. Then called it a day.
My guests gave me some good pointers I will put into practice today when I work with them. So thanks Ladies.

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