Monday, July 9, 2012


Had a great day of lessons with them today.
I started with Robbie. He stood real good for me. Sacked him out with the tarp today. He did real good with that even when He was trotting around with it on his back waving in the wind. Then I put it on the ground and had him go over it several times. Then I got a pole out and laid it on the ground and had him going over that  several times. Then did some sidepassing on the side. Then got the lead out and flanked him out. He did good around his girth, but when I got back to his flank he bucked but not as much nor as hard. We did this til there was no more buck in him. Then I put the saddle on him and no buck at all with that at walk or trot. Just kept moving his feet and giving him long rests. It went well for him.
Darkstar was even better today. I brushed him out and he followed me some to get the tarp and the saddle etc. He started following me alot more. I played the yo yo game with him and gave him long rests beside me. Got him saddled and went over the tarp with it on him and on the ground. Also went over the post. Then ground drove him with a sidepull on him. He has to get used to the feel of that but it went real good, nice and relaxed. I gave him several opportunities to follow me and he was doing real good by the end. I think it is because of that yo yo game/out and back with rest in between in my hands that got him on that. Today was a great success for both animals I believe.

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