Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DD clinic

I haven't wrote anything about our two arabs the last two days because I have attended a Double Dan horsemanship clinic. Dan James won the Road to the Horse competition this year and when I found out he was putting on a ground work clinic in my area I decided to attend it and audit it. So that is where I have been. He is an awesome instructor and horseman. I am going to take the exercises I learned back to these arabs as some more tools in my toolbox to help develop them into all that they can be as horses. Probably the biggest thing I learned was to use ground driving more and to know what I am looking for in driving the horse. So rather than be so quick to get on these horses I am going to practice these exercises more and get them ground driving real good before we get on and ride them alot. So look for more posts in the coming days in which I will record my progress.

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