Friday, July 20, 2012


Had a good session with both horses today.
Robbie did well, standing for saddling. I did some flexing and YH YF with him and some circling attempting to get a good follow the nose rather than his shoulder dropping in. Then I took him to the outdoor arena and had him circling over the tarp (after sacking him out to it real good) and log. I also tried to get him over the barrels but only once did he do it. He was too scared of them I think so I just worked him around them. I also got on and off him several times and he was real relaxed.
Darkstar - I went through our routine of flexing and YH YF and following me. Then I saddled him and took him outdoors. We circled a bunch and had him going over the tarp and log. Then I put the bridle on him and one rein and drove him getting a walk trot canter in both directions. He is not the softest yet but he will get there. When he is soft on both sides then I will add the other rein and get back to where we were with driving. But after this clinic I really want to get him soft to the bit before riding him again. I think that will make riding all the more easier for us.
This was a real good lesson day for both of them.

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