Tuesday, July 3, 2012

day 5/28

Gotta get this posted. Boy was it hot today. I had to get robbie out of his paddock and he'druther run around. So I let him until he finally decided it was ok to be near me. So I took him in the arena and had him working slowly and lightly around a tarp and black bag. He did alright. I let him move around as much as he wanted and gave him lots of opportunities to stand and relax. I also flanked him out again. He bucked but not as much. I am going to do this everyday until he doesn't buck at all. Then I just walked him around doing various exercises and then quit.
Darkstar did fine too. I wanted to just have him following on the lead so we worked that a whole lot. I had him work around the tarp and he showed little curiosity with it until he was on it. And he did finally go over it in both directions. But today as hot as it was he didn't really get sweated up. I didn't move him alot accept to walk around following me or doing the sending exercise around the tarp and bag. I thought he showed much improvement. Oh, he doesn't like treats as of yet. They were worthless as a reward for him at least today.
Tomorrow is another day.

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