Thursday, July 19, 2012


This day was a good training day for us.

Robbie was worked first. I started him with flexing. He is getting real soft. Then on to circling working on getting him to keep his shoulder up. Then I saddled him and worked on sending and c-pattern. We also went down the wall working on one of the new exercises to get him to come to me with the whip being up until he comes to my shoulder. Finally, we ended with more flexion and circling.
Darkstar started with flexion then saddling. Then we worked on coming to my shoulder on the wall. Then we went to circling. I put the bridle on him and one rein and drove him with one rein at a walk, trot and canter did that 3x on one side till he was staying in shape. Then switched sides and did the same thing. Then when I had him at liberty following me on the wall with his left side. He did pretty good, then went the other direction with me on his right side and that kind of fell apart so put the lead on him and worked on that. He is getting better about coming to me and following me. I also used the tarp and noise bag around him and he did pretty good today. Always making little improvements.

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