Wednesday, July 18, 2012

day 10/2nd round

Well after the clinic the last two days I was excited to use what I learned with these two guys.
Darkstar got the first start. I got him ready and worked on reviewing what he already knows. Then I started to circle him making sure his shoulder was not dropping in and then switched sides and did the same. I would circle him to the wall then ask him to come forward to my shoulder. Sort of like the yo yo game only using the whip and the wall to help with him coming forward. We did both sides and he started to come along nicely. I also did the yo yo with him a few times. Then I saddled him and started to work on driving him with one rein and the snaffle bit. I had him circling playing me as though lungeing. I was looking for softness. This was the first time he had a bit in his mouth so I wanted to be real soft with it. I had him going several times around then stopped and flexed him and switched sides and did the same thing. By the time I did all this my time was up. Where did the time go. I had so much to do and still didn't cover everything. I left the bit in his mouth while I worked with Robbie.
Robbie did nicely too. I wanted to work him on some of the exercises in review and then try some of these new ones. He did alright. Then I saddled him and circled him alot in both directions looking for softness and following his nose. Then I did some c pattern exercises and YH YF then took the saddle off and worked with him with circling on the wall and asking him to come to me with the whip. We worked both directions then quit.
Both had a good lesson today and show good progress in all that they are doing.

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