Saturday, July 21, 2012


I got Robbie out and worked a little bit then saddled him and took him outside. I had a little course set up that we worked on. But first, I laid the tarp on him and moved him around then had it on the lead rope while he lunged. Then I had him circling weaving in and out and over the tarp, log and barrels. I finally got him to jump the barrels. He is getting real relaxed. I was on him several times again today.
Then I had Darkstar saddled and working on flexion and coming to me. In the outdoor arena I had him wearing the tarp and carrying it on the lead rope as he lunged around me. I also had him going over the tarp log and barrels. Then I put the driving rein on him and flexed him and circling him for softness, walk, trot canter in both directions. He is getting better. By this time it was time to put him up.

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