Friday, May 18, 2012

2 Arabs day 5

Robbie- Spent  15 min getting him out of stall. I YH YF, BU, down press but would not come out. I then just had to put rope halter on (already did) then just added pressure until a step forward until he finally came out.
RP the rest of our time spent trying to get him to follow me. I ran him out of breath and then rest next to me. Then 1 step & 2 steps and kept building on that til 10 steps. He had a few times where he chose to run instead of rest next to me. But he did seek to follow me, albeit reluctantly. Then I used the halter to lead him around with little or no pressure. Cleaned out his ft and then walked him in and out of his stall several times so as to avoid a repeat of today. 
Darkstar - no problem getting him out of stall, but just as standoffish. I wonder if these guys are like wild mustangs that have not been handled. Anyway they have a wall of protection built up that is hard to crack. I rp him 15 minutes and he would just run away when I came up so I finally got my long line out put the halter on and lunged him. He turns in for me nicely, YH YF (getting better on left side, but really good on rt side). His back up is no problem cause he seems to like going back when I walk towards him anyways. He finally got the hang of YH and YF to change directions. then just led him around getting him to move forward off the pressure and follow me. By the time we were done he was following me pretty good, but with a lead line on, although that was practically dragging on the ground there was so much slack. So he was following me not the pressure on the lead line.
Hopefully, after the weekend off we can move on to the other exercises and make more progress, but we have to go at their pace not mine. 
The need to hook on to me is really important because it says the trust my leadership. If they won't trust me when I am on the ground how can I expect that to change when I am on their back?
So it is what it is.  

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