Saturday, May 5, 2012

callie day 1

I have another horse to work with again. His name is Callie and 18 yrs old? qtr horse/Paint. He is just here to be ridden for his owner for a couple weeks. I'm told he doesn't even have 40 hrs of riding on him. I don't know but I do know this is one pushy horse. I will put some pics up later. I sensed his pushiness as soon as I started leading him around his new pen. But it really showed up when I had him in the round pen today. His personality is cold, not a hot horse at all, which means he really has to be pushed to get him to go. I worked him about 20 minutes in the pen just trying to get him to turn into me. He did pretty good. I had to stop so He and I could catch our breath. Although, he was turning in pretty consistently by the time we finished. Then I desensitized him to the stick and string and he didn't like that at all. But he finally settled down. Then started working on Yielding hindquarters. It took him a bit but he finally got it on both sides. Then it was on to yielding forequarters. As I said he is quite pushy and sticky footed. So I practically had to push him over in order to get him to move. He finally got that though. Then it was on to backing and again his sticky feet showed up again. One final exercise to work on was lunging for respect. He didn't do that very well, but again we finally made some progress. All of the exercises we went through he by no means has real good, but we do have a good start. I think in the next week we will make real good progress and be on to putting lots of time in the saddle. We shall see how it goes.

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