Thursday, May 24, 2012

Arabs day 9

Robbie- another good session. Sacked out to pad. Went through all exercises. Was on his back JEFFRIES style 3x a side til I got off. He is real soft flexing. Pretty calm. 

DS- he did real good. He is the skittish one. A real challenge, but he is coming along. Had the pad on him. I hung over him for a second or two each side. Still does not trust me completely but he is getting better. Cleaned feet, fly spray ok. Flag ok. His pace is much slower than Robbie but he is 14 too. He has a lot more years on his own. It would be hard to surrender trust to another. He is coming around though. 

Callie- this was a good ride. Now it is just putting time in the saddle with him. The biggest problem I see with him is the go button. He just wants to plod along and I have to keep after him some to get him up into a trot. I noticed also today that he doesn't do well on the gravel road. His feet are a might sensitive. But anywhere else he does good. He shouldn't be a problem for Kathryn at all.

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