Friday, May 25, 2012

Arabs day 10

Have you noticed I am not real creative with my titles? I gotta work on that.
Callie went home today and I brought back Joey, who I had a couple years ago and is back for a 2 week tune up. He seems to have settled in nicely.

Darkstar did ok today. I spent some time just stewing with him by combing his knotted mane. Then I went through the exercises. He does real good at all of them. The only thing is he is still very guarded. He tolerates me though and doesn't wander off. If he does start to leave, I just move a little and get him back to me. I sacked him out to the pad real good. And He let me hang on his back both sides and for a lot longer than yesterday. Once he yields over I think he is going to be a good horse. He jumps at everything though.

Robbie was a joy to work with today. I did the same thing with the mane and then we went to work. We went through all exercises. He did not like the leading exercise. Neither did Star come to think of it. But they both did it, albeit reluctantly. Robbie stood and let me get on off as if it was all a bit boring to him. The pad went on and off and the saddle was not problem either. Now did not have it cinched, but it slapped around and made nose and was pokey, etc. No problem. Next it will be putting rope around his girth and seeing how he handles that, then the saddle and mounting. Next week probably.

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