Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial day

Today was a good day to work the horses. I got Joey in the rd pen to see what he remembered from a couple years ago. He did real good. I went through the fundamentals exercises not all but quite a few. He needs so E practice but he did ok. I think he is going to be fun to work with. DS- did as expected. Still guarded. I think he is a few days behind Robbie. Today we went through a combo of all the exercises. I sacked him out with the pad, I laid over his back even did the Jeffries method once on each side. That was all he could handle. That was at the end of the session. Robbie - was real good too. Did all the exercises, used the flag for more desensitizing while circling him. I did the same thing with DS. then I put the pad on homand the saddle without cinching him. Then I flanked him out which using a rope around his girth tightly to see if he will buck. He did a little but then faced me and stopped. I put a lot of pressure on him and the goal is to get him to give to the pressure. I think most of us would respond in any way we could to get rid of something on our backs unless we got used to it and realized it was not going to hurt us. He eventually handled it pretty good. I also got on him a few times even sitting atop him bareback as though riding. I didn't have him take a step, but he still did well just standing. There will come a time when he will take steps with atop him. He is also getting nice about picking his feet up. With all of that going on we quit.

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