Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day two of two Arabs

Today was day two of Robbie and Darkstar.
I put Robbie in the arena and rubbed him and brushed him. Then we started with Rd. Pen. He moved off real good and even was turning into me pretty good. But he just would not follow me. He gave me two eyes, but would not break lose of his protection. I got my bull whip out, not to hit him with, but hoped it would get him to move faster so I wouldn't have to run as much. It is cool how though we are in a 60'x90' arena they still just go around about a 50' circle. I was watching for him to look at me and keep looking at me with a relaxed carry. He often would anticipate my asking for a turn and would offer one whether I asked or not. I kept giving him opportunities to hook on to me and finally after about 35 minutes He needed to catch his breath, so did I. I got the halter and started to work on downward pressure with him. Then we did desensitizing with the tools. He did pretty good with those. I could crack the whip and he would just stand there relaxed. I twirled it over head and no problem for him. We worked on YH and backup. Both are getting better. His YF is getting better too. We ended with lunging for respect 1 which gets him to set up by moving his shoulders over, moving forward at a walk or trot, he trotted and then asking him to YH and face me. He did real good going to the left. On the right side he had a lot of trouble moving his shoulders and going forward. It took a good amount of effort on my part to accomplish this because he kept baking up and then trying to take off so I had to keep pulling him off balance until he went forward. Finally, after about four tries he started to get it, but still not good on that side with YH and giving me two eyes. But we ran out of time so I had to find a good place to stop. I finished up with some YH and backup.
DarkStar didn't do too bad. We had issues with the rd pen. He finally got the idea of turning in to change directions, but he was good and sweaty by the time that happened. I had a break through with him though. He was so protective that he would just stand parallel to me and not give me two eyes or at least keep them on me. So I had to keep moving him off. But finally I decided to keep zig zagging towards him and if he started to move off I would get him back by stepping back and catching his eye then keep moving in a half moon and zigging. He finally, after several tries kept his eyes on me, though he would back up to protect himself. Neither one of these horses have completely sold out to me yet, but they will. Anyway, I worked him in this way several minutes until I could walk up and pet him between the eyes. He was dripping with sweat and blowing pretty good so he needed a good rest. Then I got the halter on him and desensitized him and worked on downward pressure and release. His YH is pretty good. We worked on backup and he is catching on. I also started working on picking up his feet and that is what we ended with. He got a good rubbing and brushing and I put him up.

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