Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 14 for arabs

Today was not the best of days.
Robbie- had a farrier appt so I got there early to work with him to get him ready. I did my usual things, but could tell something was not right. Whether it was the rain on the roof or what, I am not sure. But anyway, continued working with him and then put my saddle on him. I could tell that he wasn't real comfortable with it, not like the other saddle. This one has more accoutrements on it. He tried to move off slightly while I was cinching him up. But I just continued. Anyway after tightening the saddle I moved him off slowly like normal, YH, YF, backup, sending. He went at a walk, but when he went into a trot, he broke in two, and went down and then had a hard time getting back up. he stood there and blew and then I asked him to move off again and repeated what I did earlier. Then when he went into a trot, he broke in two again, only not as bad. Then it was he just looked at me for leadership and hope. I kept him moving but it was sideways, YH,YF etc. in either direction. He settled down a little and then the farrier got there. I took the saddle off moved him around a bit and then let the farrier deal with his feet. He stood pretty good. In his bucking fit and fall, he might have injured his hind leg some. He seemed to be a little sore. After the farrier worked on him I played with him a bit more to see how that leg was and then put him up. He didn't seem to favor that leg much. I will see what it is like tomorrow.
DarkStar- I went through all the same things with him as before. he did pretty good and is making progress. But the rain on the roof, etc. just made him jumpier. He was jumping at every noise there was. I just continued to move him around and stay relaxed. We did some turn and go exercises where the lead is around his rump forcing him to bend and follow his nose around. He did that pretty relaxed. I did some flanking out with the lead rope around his girth, belly and flank. He didn't seem to disturbed. Tomorrow I will do it with the other rope. I had the pad and saddle up on him, not cinched yet, but he stood for that. I was on his back as well. then I took him to the other end and removed his halter and he followed me to the other end. Now he doesn't follow me back yet, but it is still progress.

Joey- was a little naughty today. He didn't want to play in the rain. He wanted to stay in his stall, but as with the postal service, horse training goes on rain our shine. He was bit pushy in the rd pen so I got him running around and he soon decided it would be better to be near me. I went through all the exercises, put the saddle on him and spent the last 30 minutes riding him. He sure has a nice gaited trot that is nice and smooth. He pushes on the bit a little, but I will work that off of him. He is one roly poly horse. However, he was alot of fun to ride.

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