Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Great day for working with horses

Joey got a good, but gentle workout this afternoon. We got in the rd pen and went through all of the fundamental exercises and he did good. He has some things to work on, but I will be riding him tomorrow. He is just a fat boy that needs some exercise. He moves off real good and trots a little stilted, but that might just be his gait. He seems like he has a trotter gait, but we will see tomorrow.

This was day 12 for the Arabs.
I got Dark star in the arena and brushed and combed him, sprayed him and picked his feet then we mixed up the exercises in fluid combinations. He was a bit jumpy with the wind against the building and some machinery running nearby, but he did real good. He was kinda jumpy when I went to lay over him so I decided that I would move him around alot, YH, then YF, then back up, then send one direction and back the other and just kept repeating these movements. I even got into some sidepassing down the wall with him and would just walk off. But what I did was I would work him like that then I would let him rest, but with me laying over him. Every time he rested I was on top of him, either laying on him lengthwise or laying across him like a sack of potatoes. Then I would get off and repeat a bunch of movements then let him rest with me on his back. It was a relaxed kind of movements most of the time, nice and easy and fluid, then rest with me on his back. I made sure we did this on both sides. I put the pad on him and flagged him out real good. He knows all 13 of the fundamental exercises, not perfect of course, but pretty good. Well after I did this several times I got off him, took the halter off in the middle of the arena and I'll be dogged if he didn't follow me all the way to the other end of the arena where the tools were at. YEAH, BABY! I brushed and combed him, picked out his feet then put his halter on and put him up. Great time.

Robbie, was just as good. I groomed him too, sprayed him and picked his feet. took his halter off and walked to the middle of the arena where the saddle and pad and sticks were at. He walked around and then met me in the middle. I sacked him out, put the halter on him and did much the same as I did with DS. We went through all the exercises in a fluid sort of way. I got on him when we stopped, I can sit atop him. I put the pad on him. I flanked him out with rope at his girth, belly and flanks and no bucking this time. I put all my body weight pressure on him and he just stepped forward then I would release. When I was satisfied he was good to go with that, I put the pad and saddle on him and slowly tightened the cinch. Nothing happened. I moved him off YH ,YF back up and then repeat. Then we took several steps and changed directions, then we trotted and just kept doing that. I slapped the saddle, moved the stirrups around etc. Nothing. So I took the saddle off and groomed him and put him up. Good session.

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