Wednesday, May 23, 2012

callie and 2 arabs

Callie- had a good ride on him yesterday. He was all willing. With a short gw session I got on him and started him out with bending at walk, then the trot. Then we started loping around. He started calling to his buddies so we really got after it then. We trotted and loped around for about 20 minutes or more. Then I got my lariat out and we started to drag a log a bit. He didn't spook like he did with the sled, but the sled made noise and skittered along much faster (that was at the judged trail ride last Saturday). We also rode back up to the horses up front and down the road in front of them. Did some bending around the trees and really worked by those horses then we took it easy going away from them. He didn't really have much to say about that. Then we quit for the day.

This was day 7 for these guys. Things are progressing alot slower for them then I would have liked, but remembering that are 9 and 14 respectively and never been ridden or handled much except to take from a pasture to a stall, I think they are doing pretty good.
Robbie -Started calm and slow. Did about ten minutes of rd pen. He did real good and was following me. Then we went through the list of exercises all but two. We have yet to make it to the leading beside and the last desensitization one. I think he has made vast improvement and if I stay relaxed he does. He does most of the exercises on about a C level but he is getting to know them. Hopefully in the next couple days I will be doing the Jeffreies method on him and maybe the saddle.  

DS- started the same nice and calm. Did some leading. Then rd pen for 10 min. Then with halter went through all the exercises to circling. His circling was not good but he has to learn it. He did pretty good with all of them but still needs lots of practice. He is a bit jumpy. I think we will slowly work that through. He still does not follow but always gives two eyes.  He is trusting me more and is more relaxed.

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