Wednesday, May 23, 2012

arabs again

Robbie- wow it was great. I took his halter off and then with mine in hand walked toward him.  He decided he wanted to run so he lunged about two laps and then stopped faced me and followed me. I just stood still and let him go around me til he was ready to follow me.  He followed me around. I put halter on and just did a mix of the exercises and he was so relaxed I started wking on getting on his back with the Jeffries method. Lots of gentle hopping as if I was getting on and then kinda hanging off his side with my weight. Then it was up and over him like a sack after a few times like that I went all the way and laid my legs over his butt so that I was laying on top of him. I did all that on the left side. Then did the right side. He has always favored that side so it was much more difficult. But I finally got over his back several times and did not go as far as lying on him. That will be tomorrow. We did the circling a few times and he was as relaxed at the end as at the beginning. That is the way I like it. Picked put his feet and then quit.  

DS- finally broke free and followed me to the left several steps.   Well that fell a part.  He is getting better though.  I put the halter on him and  went through the exercises.  Great improvement  on LR1&2. Then  we flexed and I started  leaning on him to do the Jeffries method. Then  more  desensitizing. This time with flag. He didn't like it but he handled it. I picked up his feet which he did not like and then we quit.

Callie- I got him out and did a little gw but then went right to riding him. He did real good. We loped around a good bit, did lots of circling with softness exercises then went out to the creek and after a few tries he went right in and walked around. We trotted down the power line to the road and crossed the water obstacles then loped back around the field several times. He is a good ride, but I sometimes have to persuade him to go in the direction I want him too.

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