Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Callie day 8

Yesterday was day 7 for Callie.
Today was just wonderful. I had him in the rd pen and did everything at liberty then took him to the back field and saddled him. Then we did lungeing 1 & 2 and a quick run down of the exercises for GW. I got my flag out and worked with that. Then my bull whip and twirled that overhead and cracked it. Then my lariat and swung that around. No problems with any of them. Then got on him and trotted for 10 minutes doing bending, circle esses, etc. Worked on YH and YF from standstill. He is getting better. I loped him around two laps (about a 1/2 mile) around my field and then it was time to get out my tools, whip, flag, lariat and see how he did from the saddle while he was moving. Wow am I impressed. The only thing that seemed to faze him was the whip cracking, but he soon settled down to that. I didn't mind if he walked, just didn't want him scared of them. I lassoed some sticks, or tried, I should say and the rope about his chest, legs or rump didn't seem to bother him. By the time I had done all those things our time was gone. So I worked on backups with him and he has improved in this too.
It was a good day for a session with him.

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