Monday, May 21, 2012

day 6 two arabs

Dark Star
Started out calmly walking the arena leading him. Then YH YF BU. in several spots. In center of arena took halter off and walked away. He followed me to the near end of the arena. Good start. Then got my halter and just played with him trying get him to step towards me. He did several times. Put halter on, he doesn't bu from me as much, always keeps two eyes on me. Then des and started Lr1 in both directions. He needs slot of help here but is getting better. Then flexes both sides. We wkd on the sending all the way Down and back. More flex then tried to do circling but he needs more Lr1 and sending before he is ready for that. He had a good session.  

Robbie- started leading around arena YH Tf bu etc. then took halter off and he followed me all over. We did this about 10 min. Then put halter on and wked on Lr1. He does pretty good, des flexing, sending.  I took him to the south end of arena and wked on sending but he is afraid there, the tick of fence charger i think, so it kinda fell apart so we  came to the  middle and put it back together and went back but did YH YF.  Then we did some  more  Lr1  and even Lr2. More des  with flag,  lariat.  Flexing  and cleaning out his feet and we quit.  It started calm,  got  a little  excited in the middle and ended calm.

Callie - after a good ride on Saturday of about 4 hours we had a good ride today. I got him out and worked him about 10 minutes on the ground then started riding him. I worked on bending at walk and trot. Prinz came out and we played a little bit, but It was interfering with what I wanted to accomplish so put him back in the house. Callie acted like he wanted canter and was bawling to the other horses so that sealed his fate. We loped around for about 15 mintues, even went down the power line, through the pond water a few times across the ditch which was swelled with rain water and then down the road a mile all at the trot and canter. We did some YH YF on the way, working on softness to boot. Then we came back trotting, back across the ditch and up the hill. Then I let him walk the rest of the way back. We practiced stops and backups. We had a good ride. He did get a little unruly, with a half hearted kick back because I was making him canter after he started crying to the other horses. However, I found that if I just get his feet moving when he does that it settles him down. Really though, he was not a problem. A couple more days with him and he will be going home.

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