Monday, May 7, 2012

callie day 2

I promise I will get some pics on here. He got a real workout. He was baptized into the GBH horse training method.  We started with rd pen and he got it in 5 minutes. Quite an improvement from Saturday. Then we went through the list of 13 exercises in Ground work (GW). He did ok on most of them. He doesn't like the right side and he is real pushy. So I had to really get after him a couple times. He doesn't like the stick and string swinging so I have to do alot of desensitizing of him. But he is making improvements. That showed up on the lunging and backup exercises I do. He is real stiff flexing wise. But I am sure he will get better. It took about an hour to go through them all. Then I did the jeffries method, and he took that well so we moved on to saddling which he took real good. No problem. I know he has been ridden but I like to make sure that I let him tell me where he is at. I got on and had him moving out and bending, yielding hindquarters (yh) and then moving forward and kept alternating that til he was just going forward and then doing one rein stops. I worked both sides of him. He got real stiff on his left side so I had to get off and put his feet to work doing the YH and YF exercises. Then got back on and flexed him and then asked him to trot. This is where his sticky feet came into play. By this time we had been working an hour and half so he was ready to throw in the towel, but we weren't finished yet. So I finally got him trotting, but not without a few kickbacks but I got after him again with YH and then let him go straight and he was much better. We quit on that note with some flexing both sides and then on the ground the same thing. I am sure that tomorrow will see much improvement.

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