Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Arabs day 13

DS - I think this was the best training day for him. He was relaxed all the way through the exercises. He stood well for all the grooming issues. He has an issue, probably my position when I ask for YH from the left side. He will do one step correctly then step back. So I worked on my position and finally got two correct steps and then later on 3 correct steps. But anyway, we went through all the exercises again. I was on his back several times. The last time he was so relaxed I think I could have stayed there and went to sleep. I put the saddle on and off him a few times. He didn't seem to anxious about it. Tomorrow I will flank him out and see what happens. No problem with me or the pad on his back. I took his halter off in the middle of the arena again and he again followed me up to the other end. I groomed him without a halter and picked out his feet too.

Robbie - was a similar story. I groomed him and took his halter off. He wanted to play around a little bit, but when I called for him he came to me, even though I was in the middle of the arena with the halter in my hand. I put it on him and started asking for YH YF, backup, go forward, etc. I got on him a few times from each side. Then I put the saddle on cinched him up and moved him off doing the same as yesterday. ONly this time the saddle stayed on for the duration of our session. We went through the dance of exercises and I even had him doing some sidepassing on the wall. When all was going good and he was relaxed with the saddle at walk and trot I took it off him and put him up. Another good training day. I think both of these guys are going to be real quiet horses.

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