Thursday, May 10, 2012

Callie day 5

He didn't want to go to work again today. I had to lead him into the rd pen. After a good brushing and rubbing we got to work. He turned for me pretty good but was real protective and wouldn't follow me like I like him to. So we worked at a lope for 30 minutes changing directions often and giving him an opportunity to stop and rest next to me but he would not Hook on to me. Finally though he did break free a little bit and I took the chance and gave him a five minute rest. He still really did not have his wind back but I desensitized him more and with the flag. Then back to the field for saddling and the rest of the gw. That did not go so well. I think it was the new area. But after a few intense conversations he came around to my way of thinking. Before I knew it an hour went by and I still had not got on him. So we transitioned to mounted. He did real good. He had a nice trot and has a rocking chair canter. I walked him around and worked on softness and following his nose. After 2x around my 2 acre field I started trotting him. 15 minutes later I started cantering him for 100 feet or do then back to a trot. We did this about 20 minutes straight then let him walk. I practiced stops and bending. He is a nice ride. can't wait to get on him tomorrow.

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